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Demography is the statistical study of the population, its size, distribution and change. At the Demographic Data Base demographic data are produced and demographic research is being conducted.

The Demographic Data Base (DDB) is a special unit at Umeå University with activities focused on two main areas: data production and research. Data production includes input, filing and systematizing information from historical parish registers and parish statistics in Sweden. The research activities include research as well as method development, service for researchers, provision of research posts, seminars and conferences etcetera.

At the DDB you can also find the Centre for Population Studies (CPS). CPS is an interdisciplinary centre for Swedish and international researchers and research groups working in areas such as history, cultural geography, psychology, medicine and statistics. Researchers at CPS have their interest for population research in common and many of them are using the population databases of DDB when seeking answers to their research questions.

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