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When Umeå University was awarded a Linnaeus Grant by the Swedish Research Council for research on Ageing and Living Conditions, the council also awarded funds for establishing the Graduate School in Population Dynamics and Public Policy. The school opened in the Autumn term of 2007.

The programme includes approximately twenty postgraduate students from different departments and faculties, whose dissertation topics are tied to the programme’s field of knowledge. The students are recruited nationally, however, international students are also allowed to apply.

Postgraduates students who are offered a position in the programme must be enrolled at and receive funding from their home departments. Thus, the Graduate School in Population Dynamics and Public Policy serves as an umbrella organisation for interdisciplinary encounters – through seminars and workshops – and gives students access to both international networks and high-quality databases of relevance for their own research.


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Graduate school student to New Zealand

Eva Palmquist ska göra delar av sitt avhandlingsjobb i Nya Zeeland.
Eva Palmquist will be doing parts of her research in New Zealand.

Eva Palmquist, doctoral student at the Department of Psychology in Umeå, will spend October and November at the Department of Psychological Medicine in Auckland. During her time in New Zealand she will collaborate with Professor Keith Petrie, present her research and network with other doctoral students and researchers within her field. 

Working on her thesis, Eva Palmquist is using a survey tool developed by Professor Petrie in order to measure environmentally related anxiety and the effects of modern life on people's health. The idea is to evaluate this tool by using data from Västerbotten and comparing the outcome to New Zealand's population. 

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